Security Sector Reform

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Case Study: Sri Lanka

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Case Study: ‘Right-financing’ in Security Sector Reform

This month’s case study looks at the SSR topic of ‘right-financing’ in Security Sector Reform. Right-financing is concerned with determining an acceptable balance between “right-sizing” security forces and ensuring service quality and fiscal sustainability over time. The right-financing approach to SSR is intended to improve security services’ quality and sustainability, benefiting the international community and…

Case Study: SSR in Nepal

This month’s case study takes a brief look at SSR in Nepal, focusing on a Saferworld policing project in the country. At a glance Saferworld: In Nepal, the public’s expectations of policing are changing SSR in Nepal documents review Useful weblinks for Nepal

Case Study: SSR in Indonesia

This month’s case study takes a brief look at SSR in Indonesia, focusing on changes in SSR advocacy since the 1998 revolution. CSOs, Strategies and Challenges in SSR Advocacy GFN-SSR Document Library Useful weblinks for Indonesia

SSR Case Study: SSR in South America

Report on the Security Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean Useful links for organistaions working in the South American SSR field GFN-SSR Document Library

SSR Case Study: SSR in Pakistan

SSR in challenging environments To Defeat Terrorism Pakistan Police Needs Reforms Gaps in Pakistani Security Capabilities Useful links for SSR in Pakistan GFN-SSR Document Library