Security Sector Reform


Getting Safe Online Loans in Michigan: You Guide for 2022

How safe it is to take out a loan online in Michigan? What risks are associated with a remote application via the Internet? How can you avoid scammers? Read in our new article. Is it safe to borrow online? Online payday loans are fast, convenient and affordable. Microfinance institutions set relaxed borrower requirements, so payday…

Is Applying For Loans Online Safe in Texas?

Internet platforms that issue payday loans online appeared in the USA in 2013. And today this product is in great demand. These figures speak for themselves: in the first half of 2022, more than Texas residends took payday loans Killeen. Online payday lending meets the huge demand for small, short-term loans that are affordable even…

The Security System of Payday Lenders In Massachusetts, MA

Security of short term loans Massachusetts is a set of measures and tools to ensure the protection of the financial institution activities. The general system implies ensuring security: the territory and the building of the bank, financial and material resources, employees, information, customers, and operations, IT network systems. Lending security To ensure the security of…

Case Study: Sri Lanka

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Regional SSR: Central America

Regional SSR Guides SSR in Latin America and the Caribbean This Topic Guide highlights key regional texts and resources that cut across a number of security sectors and countries. Because of the size of the region, several broadly representative country case studies from sub-regions have been selected to highlight particular issues of interest. Whilst not…

Case Study: ‘Right-financing’ in Security Sector Reform

This month’s case study looks at the SSR topic of ‘right-financing’ in Security Sector Reform. Right-financing is concerned with determining an acceptable balance between “right-sizing” security forces and ensuring service quality and fiscal sustainability over time. The right-financing approach to SSR is intended to improve security services’ quality and sustainability, benefiting the international community and…

Uganda Defence Review: Learning From Experience

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