Security Sector Reform

Category: GFN-SSR Publications

Uganda Defence Review: Learning From Experience

Editor: Dylan Hendrickson Printed in the UK by Russell Press Limited, Nottingham © King’s College London, 2007 First published September 2007 Pages: 74 Electronic size: 2.56 MB Download full version in pdf format here.

Changing intelligence dynamics in Africa

Editors: Sandy Africa and Johnny Kwadjoin collaboration with Paul Jackson, Brigadier (rtd) Wilson Boinett, Andrew Agaba, David Pulkol and Laurie Nathan GFN-SSR and ASSN June 2009 ISBN: 0 7400 2763 X 978 0 7400 2763 1

Report on the Security Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

Produced by: Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Chile (FLACSO-Chile) FLACSO Printed in the UK by the University of Birmingham © FLACSO, 2007 First published August 2007 English translation printed May 2008Pages: 202 Electronic size: 1.53 MB Download full version in pdf format here.