Security Sector Reform

A Beginner’s Guide to Security Sector Reform (SSR)

GFN-SSR_A_Beginners_Guide_to_SSR_v2-smallAuthor: GFN-SSR
Printed in the UK by the University of Birmingham
First published March 2007
This edition published December 2007

Extracts may be reproduced as long as the source is fully cited.

Pages: 22
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This GFN-SSR guide serves as an introduction to SSR and suggests some key sources for further reading.

This is the revised version of the guide and includes references to the recently published OECD DAC Handbook on Security System Reform: supporting security and justice – currently the only international set of principles laid down to guide SSR programming. It also includes a number of new sections and literature references.

Key questions addressed by the guide include:

  • What is SSR and how is it defined?
  • How has SSR developed as part of the International Development agenda?
  • What are the core principles and areas of engagement?

Download full version in pdf format here.