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Regional SSR: West Africa

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SSR in West Africa
This Topic Guide provides an introduction to literature on SSR in West Africa. It highlights key regional texts and resources that cut across a number of different security sectors and countries. Texts are selected for their relevance, usefulness and/or recommendations they provide to policymakers involved in improving the region’s security sectors.

Case Study: Guinea-Bissau (Nov 2008)
Case Study: Liberia (Jun 2008)
Case Study: SSR in Africa (Nov 2007)

Documents looking at SSR involving West Africa states

Five latest additions to the Document Library

Challenges of Security Sector Governance in West Africa: Senegal

Author: Saidou Nourou Tall | Date: 2008

Challenges of Security Sector Governance in West Africa: Cote d’Ivoire

Author: R. Outtara | Date: 2008

Transforming Internal Security in Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone Police and Broader Justice Sector Reform

Author: Peter Alexander Albrecht | Date: 2010

‘Getting in, Getting out’: Militia Membership and Prospects for Re-integration in Post-war Liberia

Author: Morten Bøås | Anne Hatløy | Date: 2008

The Politics of Protection: Perspectives on Vigilantism in Nigeria

Author: David Pratten | Date: 2008