Security Sector Reform

Regional SSR: Eastern Europe

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SSR in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe
This topic guide provides an introduction to literature on security sector reform (SSR) in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, focusing on the Balkans and the Southern Caucasus. It highlights key issues and priority areas in the regions and countries, and identifies relevant regional and country texts that cover a number of security sectors.

Case Study: Kosovo (Aug 2008)

Documents looking at SSR involving Eastern Europe states

Five latest additions to the Document Library

Becoming ‘European’ Through Police Reform: A Successful Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Author: Gemma Collantes Celador | Date: 2008

SSR in the Republic of Moldova: Strengthening Oversight of the Security Sector

Author: Erik Sportel and Sami Faltas (eds.) | Date: 2009

Serbian National Security and Defence Strategy: Forever Wandering in the Wilderness?

Author: Jim Seroka | Date: 2010

The Stockholm Programme and the Police Reform Strategy: A ‘Step Forward’ in the Police Reform in Serbia

Author: Sasa Dordevic | Date: 2010

Security Sector Reform in Albania

Author: Enika Abazi et al. | Date: 2009