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Regional SSR: Central America

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SSR in Latin America and the Caribbean
This Topic Guide highlights key regional texts and resources that cut across a number of security sectors and countries. Because of the size of the region, several broadly representative country case studies from sub-regions have been selected to highlight particular issues of interest. Whilst not exhaustive, this guide gives an indication of the growing literature available on SSR in the region.

Documents looking at SSR involving Central America states

Five latest additions to the Document Library

Justice Reform in Mexico: Change and Challenges in the Judicial Sector

Author: David A. Shirk | Date: 2010

Police and Public Security in Mexico

Author: Robert A. Donnelly | David A. Shirk | Date: 2009

Community Policing in Latin America: Lessons from Mexico City

Author: Markus-Michael Müller | Date: 2010

Paradoxes of Police Reform: Federalism, Parties, and Civil Society in Argentina’s Public Security Crisis

Author: Kent Eaton | Date: 2008

Defence Organisation and Civil-Military Relations in Latin America

Author: David Pion-Berlin | Date: 2009