Security Sector Reform

The Security System of Payday Lenders In Massachusetts, MA

The Security System of Payday Lenders In Massachusetts, MASecurity of short term loans Massachusetts is a set of measures and tools to ensure the protection of the financial institution activities. The general system implies ensuring security: the territory and the building of the bank, financial and material resources, employees, information, customers, and operations, IT network systems.

Lending security

To ensure the security of financial transactions, credit institutions use:

  • reliable methods of conducting transactions;
  • secure communication channels;
  • methods of backing up information;
  • protection against unauthorized access (codes, passwords);
  • separation of access rights to information;
  • determination of the limit for operations;
  • special software;
  • increasing the professionalism of employees, control over the work of personnel.

The employees conducting transactions, the administration of the financial institution, and the security personnel are directly responsible for the protection of banking operations.

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Measures to ensure information security of online lending systems include:

  • protection from unauthorized access to systems, including by bank employees;
  • authorization and identification of users;
  • protection of data transmission channels;
  • protection of hardware and software;
  • protection of document storages;
  • backup and recovery of information;
  • ensuring the independence of the protection system from the protection subjects.

How to protect yourself from false lenders?

Check the bank’s license in the register. If such a company is on the list, make sure that the address of the organization’s website and the address of the bank’s official website, which is indicated in the register, are the same. Call the lender on the phone on the official website and ask for confirmation of loan approval.

Do not leave your personal data on suspicious sites and do not transfer it on to “online loan selection services”. Not all resources can protect your confidential information.

Remember that a real banking institution will never offer you to make a money transfer through another bank, especially to carry out an operation through a card account.