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Regional SSR: Middle East

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SSR in the Arab Middle East
This topic guide aims to present an introduction to literature written on SSR in the region in general. It then presents an overview of the latest and most relevant SSR issues in three countries in the region which are all undergoing phases of SSR within their unique contexts: Iraq, Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Documents looking at SSR involving Middle East states

Five latest additions to the Document Library

Squaring the Circle: Palestinian Security Reform under Occupation

Author: International Crisis Group | Date: 2010

The Security Sector in Arab Countries: Can it be Reformed?

Author: Bassma Kodmani | May Chartouni-Dubarry | Date: 2009

Insurgency, Militias and DDR as Part of Security Sector Reconstruction in Iraq: How Not to Do It

Author: Alpaslan Özerdem | Date: 2010

A Hard Place: The United States and the Creation of a New Security Apparatus in Iraq

Author: Cristoph Wilcke | Date: 2008

Iraq’s Interior Ministry: The Key To Police Reform

Author: Robert Perito | Madeline Kristoff | Date: 2009