Security Sector Reform

Promoting Conflict Prevention through Security Sector Reform: Review of Spending on Security Sector Reform through the Global Conflict Prevention Pool


Authors: Nicole Ball, Luc van de Goor
Published: May 2008

Pages: 50
Electronic size: 293 KB
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Security sector reform is a key area of work for the UK government, and the Global Conflict Prevention Pool has been a major UK vehicle for supporting SSR. The decision to reorganise UK conflict prevention funding starting in April 2008 has offered an opportunity to assess lessons learned from implementing SSR activities through GCPP in order to provide a sound basis going forward.


This review examined the GCPP’s decision-making process on SSR, as well as the coherence, effectiveness and impact of GCPP funded SSR activities. While the review identifies several strengths of HMG’s SSR work such as applying a strategic approach to SSR programming, promoting joined-up approaches, influencing partner governments and other members of the international community and seeking to co-ordinate international SSR efforts, it also identifies opportunities to further strengthen the UK’s investments in SSR.