Security Sector Reform

News - Part 3

Topic Guide: SSR in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe

This regional guide by Huma Haider and Shiv Bakrania provides an introduction to literature on security sector reform (SSR) in South Eastern and Eastern Europe, focusing on the Balkans and the Southern Caucasus. It highlights key issues and priority areas in the regions and countries, and identifies relevant regional and country texts that cover a…

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Topic Guide: SSR in South Asia

This regional guide by Mallika Joseph and Shiv Bakrania provides an introduction to literature on security sector reform (SSR) in South Asia. It highlights key regional texts and resources that cut across a number of different security issues and countries. Whilst not exhaustive, this guide provides an indication of the growing literature available on SSR…

Topic Guide: Conflict

Violent conflict is the subject of this topic guide. The guide provides an overview of key topics ranging from the causes, dynamics and impacts of conflict to options for interventions to prevent, manage and respond to conflict. It is divided into five main parts: Chapter 1: Understanding violent conflict Chapter 2: Living in conflict affected…

Regional SSR: Middle East

Regional SSR Guides SSR in the Arab Middle East This topic guide aims to present an introduction to literature written on SSR in the region in general. It then presents an overview of the latest and most relevant SSR issues in three countries in the region which are all undergoing phases of SSR within their…

Regional SSR: South Asia

Regional SSR Guides Case Study: Bangladesh (Dec 2008) Case Study: Nepal (Jan 2008) Case Study: Afghanistan (Dec 2007) Case Study: Sri Lanka (Oct 2007)